Laptop Batteries Quality Control

We are professional manufacturer of replacement laptop battery & laptop ac adapter. A complete set of manufacturing and testing facilities, including Molding & Injection Center, COB Testing, Fully-Automatic SMT, Half-Finished Products Learning and Aging Test, Finished Products Fitness QC etc., ensures us to fulfill the fast-rising market demands with the best quality of products. We have been focusing on being a professional supplier for a full range of high-quality laptop accessories in the world market. Our products are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. Our state-of-the-art PCB design adds huge value to the product stability, safety and performance, which makes us the leader in replacement laptop accessory market.

Our company is ISO9001 certified and all of our products have passed CE certification. We believe that necessary quality certifications could bring our customers more confidence in buying our laptop accessory products.

The faith of our production and R&D team is to pay endless efforts on quality. The Incoming Quality Control department keeps close eyes on raw materials and components inspections to screen materials of nonconformity. In order to achieve consistent manufacturing quality, particularly in mass production phases, proper training is a must. Our Quality Assurance department ensures that our manufacturing process is always in compliance with both industrial and international standards.

Batteries Plus Bulbs is your source for quality laptop batteries. Each of our laptop battery packs are made with the highest quality battery cells, from leading manufacturers. They are engineered to meet or surpass OEM specifications and keep your laptop powered while you are on-the-go. How to care for your laptop’s battery and extend its life: All notebook batteries are built to handle a certain number of charge cycles, usually somewhere around 500 full cycles and sometimes even more. Essentially, a charge cycle equals one full discharge down to zero percent and then a recharge back up to 100 percent. A discharge down to 50 percent and then back to 100 percent would equal half a cycle. Over time, each charge cycle decreases a battery’s capacity from its design specifications, meaning that the fewer times you drain it, the longer the battery last all other things being equal.